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Dean Tsur | (857) 265-5563

Artistic/Scholarly Portfolio

1. Dean as Soloist (Artistic)

  • Uptempo - "Hanid"

  • Bluesy ballad - "Maria"

2. Dean as Arranger (Scholarly)

  • Queer Notions - Video and Score

Queer Notions first page_edited.jpg

○ Comments:

Intro inspired by classical orchestral music (rehearsal letter A). Composed by Coleman Hawkins.

  • Cloudy - Video and Score

Queer Notions first page_edited.jpg

○ Comments:

The video features Steve Wilson (Chair of Jazz Studies at City College of New York). Composed by Coleman Hawkins. 

3. Dean as writer for Music & Dance (Artistic, Scholarly) 

Goal: Creating unique interactions between music and dance

  • Tempi changes (excerpt)

○ Comments:

Creating music and dance interaction through tempi changes. The constant change of tempi propels the dancers' continued response.

  • Drummer and dancers duet (excerpt)

○ Comments:

Drummer and dancer are instructed to improvise together, thus creating a true interaction in which not only the dance is reacting to the music but also vise versa. The drummer was given a basic groove and the dancer was instructed to move about the front of the stage to create a visual interaction as well.

  • Full band-dancers; call and response (excerpt)

○ Comments:

Writing music with space so that during those spaces the audience's attention will go to the dancers, and as a result they will be propelled to react.

  • Dancers move between the musicians

○ Comments:

The dancer was instructed to move between the musicians to create spontaneous interactions.

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