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Dean Tsur & The Songbirds

“They sound GREAT! -- excellent. They sound fantastic. Everybody is clean as a whistle" 

- Charles McPherson, jazz-legend

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Dean Tsur Saxophone Choir featuring Steve Wison at Smalls, NYC

Dean Tsur & The Songbirds get the crowd dancing with their joyful, entertaining, and romantic jazz music. 

Thelonious Monk semifinalist Dean Tsur has become known for making fun and romantic jazz music as a saxophonist, arranger, and bandleader. Upon completing his Master's at The Juilliard School, Dean formed his band, The Songbirds (Previously called the "Saxophone Choir")

Saxophone Choir

Saxophone Choir

Watch Now

The show "Dean Tsur Saxophone Choir + Dancers" was premiered at Beechman Theatre in 2018. The show explores creating unique interactions between music and dance.