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AICF features Dean Tsur: Cover and Interview

America-Israel Cultural Foundation selects Dean as Featured Artist

" I come from a family of jazz lovers. My parents are music enthusiasts, as was my late grandfather. When I was growing up, my parents used to play Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald albums often, along with old Israeli music, and French music. I was always inspired by Louis Armstrong’s recordings the most. When I was eight, I mistakenly thought that he played the saxophone, and that is why I asked my parents to learn how to play that instrument. I went to the local conservatory and asked about taking lessons, but they told me that I was too small to play the saxophone at the time. As a compromise, I agreed to play recorder for two years until they finally let me take saxophone lessons. Looking back, I think waiting for two year strengthened my motivation to play. "

Read The Full Article Here

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