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Haim Ba'emek features Dean Tsur on Cover

"For the last seven years saxophonist Dean Tsur from Timrat has been sharing stages with the greatest jazz musicians in New York"


"Are there any other famous musicians whom you'd like to play with?

'I have already had the chance to play with a good number of musicians that I have admired since I was a teenager, for example Wynton Marsalis, who is arguably the most famous jazz musicians in the world today, but of course there are many other musicians whom I'd love to play with, for example Tom Harrell, who is a trumpet player and composer that I really like.'

In addition to his performances, Tsur also gives masterclasses at universities and conservatories in the United States and Russia. Six months ago, he stopped by in Israel and gave masterclasses at Jezreel Valley Center of the Arts, where he studied as a child.

'I have great memories from when I was a child studying at the Jezreel Valley Center of the Arts, which is one of the reasons that made me want to give a masterclass there of all places. I teach all styles of music but especially jazz. As a teacher, it's important for me that students will believe in their abilities and know that with hard work that can achieve great things and the sky's the limit.'"

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